Frequently Asked Questions

Duplicating is prohibited, according to Stardoll's One-Stop Rules. Your account will get warned/possibly terminated if caught duplicating. However, there are workarounds:
  • Only duplicate on accounts you know you can risk. From this account, you can either sell/gift the duplicated designs to your primary account safely, however, you have to make sure that you do not make it obvious that the secondary account is yours.
  • Never connect the same email address, Facebook/Google+/Twitter login, etc. between your secondary and primary accounts.
  • Always be careful and copy wisely.
Remember that you should copy at your own risk.
Please check the requirements on the Gifting page to be able to gift. Also check the "Verify that you are able to gift items" part. If you checked both, and are able to gift items on Stardoll, the design's pattern data may be corrupt, in which case, you should contact StardollCopy.
ATM there are no plans to bring back Accounts Archive
Yes, StardollCopy is now open source and free. You are allowed to rehost the project on your own website. To learn more about this, please contact StardollCopy.
Currently it seems impossible to duplicate items for free. However, to get free hairs, you can create a new account and make it reach level 12 (you can do that in under 48 hours by doing Yearbook, achievements, daily tasks, etc.). By that time, assuming you spent as little as you could doing Yearbook you should have at least 80 Stardollars. You can then use the Gifting feature on StardollCopy.

Contact StardollCopy

You can directly contact StardollCopy at